29 mayo, 2023

Mexicali´s Sanitary Risk Commission closed a Gym that was ilegally operating in the Mexicali Valley


The state commission of sanitary risks protection (COEPRIS in SPANISH) suspended a gym that was clandestinely operating in Mexicali Valley.

COEPRIS regional unit’s chief during an operative, Marco Aurelio Gámez Servín, detected that “TITANES GYM’S” was working last Friday night in Estación Delta.

The official says that Baja California is still on red light pandemic traffic, activities on multiple commercial business are suspended and it includes this kind of commerce.

Gámez Servín, precised between the irregularities that has being detected inside this particular gym were more than 15 persons at the inside unrespecting healthy distance

In addition to the aggravating factors, they did not have a sanitary basic filter at the “TITAN’S” entrance, they didn’t have a log book to register the visits, there were no ventilation and there were no signs about taking healthy distance between users and there was no operational license. That was why the office proceeded to shut down “TITAN’S GYM” activities immediately.

Gámez Servín adds that the operatives are going to be in a random way and surprised to verify the protocol sanity compliances and avoiding activities in restricted business.

He asked the general population and the business owners from the suspended business, to comply and respect the sanity authorities, to keep away covid-19 contagions, and to reach in further time a better color of the entity pandemic light from red to orange.

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