8 diciembre, 2023

Two young gunmen robbed Cabanna restaurant in one of the most exclusive areas of Mexicali


Saturday August 6th at night, in the most exclusive area of ​​Mexicali, two youngsters broke into a restaurant, Cabanna, took the money from the cash register, stole belongings from some customers and fled on a small motorcycle, they are allegedly related to violent robberies of small marts and markets, and one of the firearms they used was an Uzi prop.

According to a press release by Mexicali PD, two alleged assailants, apparently responsible for the violent robbery of Cabanna restaurant, located in the La Gran Vía shopping plaza, in the so-called Golden Zone of Mexicali, were arrested after the events, which occurred on a Saturday night, when people were spending a nice time and having dinner in one of the most exclusive restaurants of Mexicali.

The violent robbers detained and involved in these violent were identified as Alonso Guadalupe “N”, 18 years old and a 17-year-old adolescent, according to a report by the Mexicali Municipal Directorate of Public Security in a press release, DSPM agents showed up at the scene, where they collected information to later arrest the brave robbers, while they were trying to escape in a tiny motorcycle.

Cabanna restaurant, in the most exclusive area in Mexicali, the so called Golden Zone, was robbed by two bold robbers who tried to flee in small motorbike

Cops assigned to Northeastern Precinct, arrived at Cabanna seafood restaurant, where the incident was reported, according to two young men entered the establishment, went to the cash register threatening with firearms, to steal more than 18 thousand pesos in cash, on their way At the exit they also took a woman’s bag with a cell phone inside and two women’s wallets with documents.

The aggressors tried to flee aboard a small motorcycle, but they could not, then they tried to run and get lost in the nearby streets, but the timely deployment of Mexicali PD patrol cars, and they set up of a containment perimeter established for probable escape routes for the assailants, two people who matched the descriptions given by security guards were spotted and arrested.

This the motorcycle in which the assailants fled, however the DSPM patrols quickly detected them and arrested the two subjects.

The two detained were identified as Alonso Guadalupe “N” (18) and a 17-year-old teenager, whose name cannot be mentioned because of Mexican Criminal Law, the cops seized a .40-caliber pistol, a UZI-type prop weapon, the motorcycle and recovered the amount of what was stolen, about 18 thousand pesos, cell phones and wallets.

On the other hand, the press release mentioned that the detainees are allegedly involved in 15 robberies at supermarkets in the last month and will be made available to the Baja California Attorney General’s Office.

The DSPM pointed out that this is part of the strategies implemented by the security corporation, under the supervision of the mayor, Norma Bustamante, to safeguard the assets of families and businesspersons, with rapid response actions by the municipal police in the timely arrest of alleged aggressors and recover what was stolen.

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