10 diciembre, 2023

State sanitary authority shut down Baja Medical clinic in San Felipe


In order to enforce the Health ´policies of Baja California Governor, Jaime Bonilla, personnel from the State Commission Against Sanitary Risks (COEPRIS in Spanish) found several irregularities in medical service which operated inside El Dorado Ranch, in San Felipe, and send two notices to the State Attorney General because someone allegedly tried to bribe them so they would break the suspension seals attached to the door, in order for the clinic to continue operating, Marco Aurelio Gámez Servín, the man in charge of Coepris Mexicali, according to a Baja California Stete government press release.

Marco Aurelio Gámez Servín, chief of the Sanitary Risk Commission of Baja California

Baja Medical, had been closed down by authorities as of June 13th due to several complaints by the clinic employees, who said there weren’t any security measures, no COVID-19 prevention protocols, and even six employees turned out positive to Coronavirus, among them the clinic administration chief, said Gamez Servín, who also said that the clinic didn’t have the license to operate, it doesn’t apply the hygiene and security protocols for workers and patients, lack of sanitation, no sterilizing equipment for the surgical instruments, no special depository for hazardous biological  residues (RPBI in Spanish) and they didn´t find the professional schedule or license of the doctor in charge, that is the responsible medic for the clinic so it was closed down.

Gámez Servín also said that a man, identified as Edgar Orozco, tried to bribe the inspectors offer9ing 50 dollars so they would take away the “suspension seals” from the door without solving any of the aforementioned situations, as they refused he offered them two thousand 500 dollars and a free weekend in El Dorado Ranch. Even though the clinic had been shut down, COEPRIS officials noticed movement in the clinic during an inspection visit to San Felipe and when they arrived to the facilities, they saw the suspension seals broken and the administrator was working inside.

The investigation continued and they discovered that the clinic hasn´t paid the landowner´s tax and the water fees, adding up to 60 million and 1.6 million pesos for each fault, and the alcohol selling license of the clinic restaurant was long overdue too, there are two complaints filed in the State Attorney General´s office, against the clinic for the removal of the seals and the brine attempt.

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