3 octubre, 2023

After thorough investigation, State Police seizes drugs and arrests two people in San Felipe


A complaint that a neighborhood committee submitted to Baja California State Attorney General, Guillermo Ruiz, during a visit to San Felipe, resulted in a thorough investigation, which led to de arrest of two people, alleged drug dealers by State and Federal police special agents altogether with officials from the National Defense Secretary (Sedena in Spanish).

During a visit to San Felipe, a group of residents approached he State Attorney General, Guillermo Ruiz,  and told him about a house on Mar Filipinas street, between Acapulco and Veracruz streets in the Second Section of San Felipe, where there was a lot of movement of people coming in and out, and that they suspected  it was drug related.

The investigation went through and a search warrant was conceded, so State Guard agents carried it out, altogether with the Federals and Army effectives, they seized drugs and detained MIRENA “X” (aka) Michelle, 53 years old, form Chiapas and JOSÉ JUAN “X”, 44 years old, from Sonora, they will be sent to Court where a judge will decide if they are arraigned.

The seized drugs were:
1.- Once (11) blue packages with a white substance, seemingky crystal meth.
2.- A big plastic package with a white powder, also methamphetamine.
3.- Twelve (12) transparent plastic packages envoltorios with green dry herb, (marihuana). 

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