23 septiembre, 2023

Two men arrested in Mexicali, they tried to steal an ATM from BANORTE bank on Lazaro Cardenas blvd.


Mexicali Regional Attorney´s Office, through the East Detainee Investigation Unit, arraigned two “visionary” criminals who attempted to steal a BANORTE ATM, trying to rip it out of the wall, the mystery is if they wanted take it away or simply steal the money it contained.

Their names are Ricardo Alejandro “N” and José Manuel “N” (Mexican criminal law forbids to reveal their surnames until they are found guilty, and they will be prosecuted for qualified robbery attempt.

The act they are accused of, occurred in Mexicali, during the early hours of July 12, 2022, when the defendants, along with an unidentified third party, were inside the ATM area of ​​Banco Mercantil del Norte S.A, a multiple banking institution (also known as BANORTE) located on Lázaro Cárdenas Boulevard and 4th Street in the Paseos del Sol in Mexicali.

There they tried to seize one of the ATMs, and to do so they tried dismantling the ATM from the wall using the man named Ricardo Alejandro an ax with which he hit the wall to detach the Teller Machine, in a movie-like crime action.

While José Manuel was placing a steel cable around the ATM and his unidentified companion was levering it with a metal bar, being surprised by cops of the Mexicali PD, therefore, they fled in a white pick-up Chevrolet S10, they were arrested after a chase by the municipal police.

They attempted to do it at night, which makes their crime worse according to  Mexican Law, they are also accused of conspiracy, but only in an attempt degree since they didn´t succeed, they were detained.

During the initial hearing, the control judge qualified the detention as legal and charged them with the afore mentioned accusations, also issued an order linking him to the process and imposed a justified preventive detention as a precautionary measure; Likewise, it granted a complementary investigation period of 4 months.

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