10 diciembre, 2023

A woman who sexually exploited a 15 year old girl, was arrested by Baja California General Attorney


A woman, who sexually exploited a 15 year old girl, was arrested by agents from the State Attorney´s Office, after the minor´s relatives denounced her to the Public Ministry Agency, because they realized the woman took the young teenager to a motel where she would have to have intercourse with men and the alleged madame charged two thousand 500 pesos, so an arrest warrant against ACNED YESENIA “X” was issued by a judge.

For at least nine times, she took the minor to a motel, on the Kilometer 1+000 of the Mexicali-Tijuana highway, she took the girl there to have intercourse with men while ACNED YESENIA waited outside, and then give one thousand 500 to the victim and she kept the remaining one thousand pesos.

The special Attorney for gender crimes against women presented the case against YESENIA in Court and she arraigned, remaining in jail for six months, time conceded by the judge to the prosecutors for investigation and evidence collection in this sad case against ACNED YESENIA.

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