31 mayo, 2023

Mexicali reporter harassed Cristian Torres for taking pictures in La Puerta on Mexicali-San Felipe highway


Two men, who were identified as NORBERTO “X” and HUMBERTO “X”, harassed Mexicali reporter and photographer, Cristian Torres, who works for Semanario Zeta a weekly periodical from Tijuana and is the Editor of Radar, a web news outlet, when he was working in La Puerta, on the Mexicali San Felipe highway.

According to hois version, Torres was taking pictures in La Puerta, a community  of  the Mexicali Valley, because there have been reports of alleged violence and blackmail by some criminal groups in the area, it all happened in the kilometer 32 of the aforementioned highway.

According to the report of investigation (NUC) 0202-2021-31641, Torres said that when he was riding away on his motorcycle a white pick-up with two men on board, forced him out of the road, blocking all attempts he made trying to go on his way.

Both men were complaining and rudely asking him as of why he had taken pictures of them, they very upset and aggressive, even though Cristian said in his statement to authorities, that he hadn´t taken any pictures of people, and he told them so, but they kept on threatening and even try to run over his motorcycle.

As a matter of fact, one of the thugs harassing Cristian, had a baseball bat and threatened to beat him up with it, fortunately for Torres, police officers were passing by the spot of the aggression, so the goon hid his bat, and when asked about the alleged aggression, they denied everything and were let go in peace by the agents, who didn´t even frisk them or nor did they search the pick-up.

A few minutes later there were cops from different agencies, all of whom blamed the incident on Cristian Torres, they told him he shouldn’t have been taking photographs in La Puerta, the alleged aggressors were set free immediately and were not bothered by the police officers, they left while the Police who supposedly has to protect citizens just turn the other way after scolding the journalist, a very peculiar incident that could have ended very badly for Cristian.

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