10 diciembre, 2023

COVID19 rises again, Baja California secretary of Health recommends extreme protective measures


Strengthening personal and community protection measures has been the insistence of the State Government to the population, based on the increase in the numbers that the indicators that are evaluated against COVD19 show, such as active cases, hospitalizations and intubated; added to the suspected cases that have increased in the last five weeks.

This was stated by the Secretary of Health, Alonso Pérez Rico, during the daily report of the COVID19 Strategy, in which he reported that Baja California reported in the last hours 9 cases of people who died and 121 cases that tested “positive” for the pathogen.COVID19

He reiterated that the call to take care of oneself goes to the entire population of the State, particularly Mexicali and Ensenada, which have increased their active cases; Tijuana, although it has decreased, should not lower its guard, the same as the inhabitants of Playas de Rosarito and Tecate, since hospitalizations fall in this city.

“In active COVID19 cases, we have” highs “and” low “, but we are increasing compared to 30 days ago, this time we reported 429 .. On the weekend, on a shift in Ensenada, I had the opportunity to speak with the director of the Hospital, because the number of hospitalized patients is increasing, the same as the intubated ones ”, he warned.

The Secretary of Health reiterated that the second age group that is becoming more infected and becoming ill are young adults; however, no one is exempt from contracting the virus, including boys and girls.

He recalled that from April 5 to May 5 there was an exponential increase in intubated patients, in the most critical period of the COVID19 pandemic; and that currently a gradual increase in this indicator is reported, for which reason, it has requested the collaboration of the population so that this decreases; they add 92 patients under mechanical ventilation and 30 days ago there were 64.



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