3 junio, 2023

Meet Diverse Tech Talents: Driving the World Forward through Innovation, Imagination, and Connectivity


The “National Science and Technology Council” (“NSTC”) held the “2023 TechGiCS Forum” on March 29 with the theme of “Tech Empowerment and Global Trends.” The event brought insightful perspectives into cultivating diverse technology talents in Taiwan.

In the past three years, the pandemic and the evolution of AI have brought significant changes to the world. To enhance Taiwan’s competitiveness, NSTC invited professionals worldwide to address “Tech Empowerment and Global Trends” at the “2023 TechGiCS Forum.” The remarkable speakers include Ari Horie, Founder and CEO of Women’s Startup Lab, Eunjoo Kim, UX Design Lead for Search and Artificial Intelligence at Google Headquarters, and Alaina Percival, Founder of Woman Who Code, to share their perspectives on global technology trends and their experiences in becoming innovative talents.

In the opening remark, Deputy Minister of NSTC, Yi-Juang Chern, pointed out that the world is changing rapidly. No one would have heard of ChatGPT three months ago, but everyone is talking about how ChatGPT will bring challenges and opportunities to people today. Everyone is looking for ways to cope and adapt to the changing world. Therefore, nurturing technology talents is crucial. Taiwan’s government has actively established a blueprint to cultivate related talents in areas such as semiconductors and quantum technology, AI, space (Communication satellites and 6G), information security, precision health (Epidemic prevention and elder healthcare), zero carbon emission, national defense, and social sustainability.

Moreover, NSTC launched “Girls in Cyber Security (GiCS)” in 2021, which has become an essential base in cultivating female scientific research talents in Taiwan. Starting in 2022, NSTC expanded to women in technology-related fields, holding a series of “TechGiCS workshops.” In the “2023 TechGiCS Forum,” the organizer invited three opinion leaders to discuss the diversity of scientific research talents, aiming to attract more talents to join the technology industry and contribute to the future of human beings.

Responding to changes with the power of creation, imagination, and connectivity

Ari Horie, who is dedicated to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, delivered a speech on “How to Thrive with Entrepreneurship Mindset!” She pointed out that technological progress is influential in driving social change. We should consider what we can do to stand firm or contribute to the evolution of technology. Entrepreneurship is undoubtedly a good choice in response to change. Ari Horie shared her experience and encouraged everyone to have an entrepreneurial mindset, be brave and break the boundaries, pursue their dreams, and make a difference.

The second speaker Eunjoo Kim, UX Design Lead for Search and Artificial Intelligence at Google Headquarters, elaborated on her perspective on how design and technology can empower people. She pointed out that design can help solve complex problems, create an emotional connection, and change people’s behavior. Combining design and technology can bring a more inclusive and accessible future. Eunjoo Kim believes that diversity and inclusiveness are essential to design and technology, and everyone should work together to create a better future.

Founder of Woman Who Code, Alaina Percival, shared her perspective on creating an inclusive and diverse tech community. She mentioned that everyone could participate in and contribute to the tech industry, regardless of background or gender. Alaina Percival also shared her experience in founding Woman Who Code, a global non-profit organization that empowers women in technology, and how it has created a supportive and inclusive environment for women in the tech industry.

Embracing unlimited possibilities with an open mind

During the panel, Chia-Yo Kuo, Chairman of the Taiwan Digital Diplomacy Association, emphasized the importance of communication and connection in the context of diverse technological talent. Chia-Yo Kuo spoke of her experience in Africa, where she saw many non-profit organizations using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to communicate with refugees from different countries.

Cindianne Lin, Co-Founder and General Manager of Lydsec Digital Technology, shared her own experiences and offered advice to women who want to excel in technology. Cindianne Lin emphasized the importance of maintaining an open mind and not limiting oneself. Despite not having a background in computer engineering, Cindianne Lin remains open to integrating resources around her and collaborating with individuals with technical expertise.

Throughout the event, it was evident that technological evolution is increasing rapidly, and the importance of women in technology is growing. Taiwan must learn from international experiences and integrate domestic resources to create a better environment for cultivating technological talent. This will foster more female leaders in technology and serve as a critical driving force for the nation’s innovation and competitiveness in the global market.

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