22 marzo, 2023

Muscular Dystrophy association partners with technology companies for disability disruption in the modern workplace


The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), is focused on ways to leverage technology disruption and digital technologies as catalysts for promoting equity and inclusion in the workplace, in living situations (including independent living) and in accessing everything the world has to offer so that every individual can participate in all aspects of community life. The organization partners with leading technology platforms like Inclusively and FinancialForce to facilitate a cultural shift, to positively disrupt organizational mindset around disability and drive outcomes that are inclusive by design.

“I am proud we’ve partnered with Inclusively and FinancialForce, two leading technology-centered platforms powering MDA’s connection to our community journey, and empowering job seekers to cultivate employment opportunities for people with disabilities,” said Kristine Welker, Chief of Staff, MDA. “Technology is the great enabler, and for people living with disability it is also the greatest equalizer. As employers begin to embrace that remote work is here to stay, they realize that the workplace is now infinitely more accessible to people with disabilities. Furthermore, showing a commitment to a diverse and accessible workplace is a selling point that can attract even more talent.”

On the newly released episode of MDA’s Quest Podcast ‘Creating an Inclusive Work Environment’, Sarah Bernard, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Inclusively discusses, “Inclusively’s mission is around universal design and that accommodations benefit everyone – including many of your current employees. One of the biggest misconceptions that we work with employers to understand is that they likely already have these accommodations available in-house or cost very little to implement. By focusing on accommodations, you will have a huge impact across your organization that includes increased productivity, retention, and customer satisfaction.” Link to clip here.

As a catalyst for change, MDA hosts Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) roundtables and workshops to understand the interests and needs of the disability community, where people are in their personal journeys, and identify barriers and opportunities that are different for everyone. Through programming, the organization emphasizes the “human factor” by sharing real-world experiences to help visualize goals and create meaningful change. MDA’s next DEI Roundtable will focus on Disability Disruption and how to be inclusive by design, bringing together companies, brands, and a diverse group of people with disabilities to discuss and discover ways to promote a more adaptive and accessible lifestyle to promote Global Accessibility Awareness every day for everyone.

“We are proud to work with MDA on a technology platform that allows them to connect with clients and build meaningful community engagement,” said Ravi Narula, Chief Financial Officer of FinancialForce. “With FinancialForce’s solution, MDA gets a real-time view of data across the organization. We understand that this has helped them save money in annual running costs and further invest in their mission to change peoples’ lives.”

Additional educational programming from MDA includes the MDA Quest Media Blog: Your Rights in the interview process, and the new Access to Employment Workshop.

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