10 diciembre, 2023

Mexico is one of the leading countries in organic coffee and fruit production: Farming and Rural development Secretary


More than 46 thousand producers, mainly medium and small, produce around 1,600 organic products of vegetable and animal origin, of which 1,170 are processed foods and are certified by the Agriculture and Rural development.

Worldwide Mexico has the first place in coffee grain and organic tropical fruit. There are almost 30 ethnic groups who crop coffee, among them, Zapotecos, Mixtecos, Mixes, Mazatecos, Totonacas, Nahuas, Huastecos, Tzeltales, Zoques, Tojolabales, Huicholes y Chanitos.

80% of the demanding production it’s exported to huge markets principally United States, Canada and European union, creating profits for more than 400 million dollars every year, all because the demand of this products abroad.

The SENASICA says that there are in this country more than 331,466 certified hectares to produce organic food in 32 federal entities.

685 organic products among coffee, pepper, bananas, avocados, oranges, wheat, cacao, nopal, corn, aromatic herbs, cinnamon, sugar, peanut, safflower, mango, chia, blackberry, oregano, agave and xoconostle, it’s a certified crop. Mainly, animal production is honey, but livestock producers offer products derived from bovine, bird, goat, sheep, water buffalo and egg mainly process products that has a certified by the agricultural office are: juices, juices, pulps, dehydrated, flour, oil, cheese, sotol y mezcal.

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