3 junio, 2023

Nigerian immigrants rescued from the wilderness near Mexicali


A family of Nigerian immigrants in a very vulnerable and precarious situation, were located and rescued from the wilderness, in an non-populated area near the border fence with the United States, they seemingly wanted to enter that country illegally, according to a report from Mexicali Police Department.

But they only found danger, trouble and saw their lives at risk, and were rescued by Mexicali PD cops working together with de National Guard and the National Immigration Institute (INAMI), who helped the policemen rescue them.

Two adults and two children hailing from Nigeria, were in a very risky situation near the US border.

The rescue of the African family was carried out through Mexicali PD department of Crime Prevention and Citizen Proximity in charge of director Iván Camacho, who explained that in the early hours of Monday, March 20, Mexicali police officers, under Camacho’s command, were doing a strategic surveillance tour.

They were doing the surveillance task with National Guard and INAMI representatives , as is common in this type of operation, to provide comprehensive assistance to people in an emergency situation, for which reason they deployed surveillance in the area of ​​the well-known Bomba Cero and Cerro El Centinela.

Several Municipal, State and Federal authorities carry out surveillance tasks all ovet the border line surroundings

Near a graveyard on the western outskirts, they saw a family, father, mother and two minors, they were Nigerian nationals, the officers deemed the family was at risk in  the wide open wilderness, and immediately the Mexicali PD cops who are trained in tactical medicine and first aid, gave them medical assistance.

Then they provided them with thermal blankets and hydration beverages, once their physical condition was confirmed alright and they were stabilized and under an acceptable state of health, they were transferred to a shelter.

With the support of migration personnel and the National Guard, emotional and legal support was provided; With these strategies developed by the Municipal Police, coordinated with the different Crime Prevention and Intelligence Units, families are protected in any social context.

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