3 junio, 2023



This Earth Day, Astral Tequila is proud to announce that the construction of 10 homes for families in Jalisco, MX is underway through trusted partners with the brand’s ongoing sustainability program, The Adobe Brick Project. Each bottle of Astral Tequila produced helps to create approximately two adobe bricks by upcycling the spent agave from tequila distillation, which are then used to build homes for those in need.

Experience the full interactive Multichannel News Release here: https://www.multivu.com/players/English/9157751-astral-tequila-launches-this-rounds-for-the-house-initiative/

Astral Tequila believes that the more good energy we put into our world, the more good energy goes around, so each bottle produced continues the cycle of giving back to build a better future. To continue this ongoing effort to build more homes in Mexico and brighten local communities, join the brand simply by enjoying a cocktail made with Astral Tequila. From Earth Day through Cinco de Mayo, make every round of drinks ‘for the house’ by purchasing Astral Tequila on Drizly or ordering at a local establishment to help create more bricks to build another home for those in need.

Earth Day falls just two weeks before Cinco de Mayo, the holiday when more tequila is consumed in the U.S. than on any other holiday¹. The brand is calling on those opting for tequila to choose Astral to continue the cycle with the support of our partners and organizations local to the communities in Mexico where our tequila is produced.

Director of Sustainability and civil engineer, Martha Jiménez Cardoso oversees The Adobe Brick Project and has been using her engineering expertise to build bricks for homes in Mexico for those in need since 2017. The housing construction is taking place in Gomez Farias, Jalisco, Mexico in partnership with local organizations including Habitat para la Humanidad Mexico, GreenLoop, Grupo Solave, and the Mezcal Institute, with the initial 10 homes being built for local families in need. 

“The Adobe Brick Project was created to help empower and uplift our local communities and provide homes for families in need,” shares Martha Jiménez Cardoso. “I’m incredibly proud to lead this ongoing initiative with Astral Tequila that provides materials for adobe bricks used to create housing and reduce landfill waste in our community.”

Learn how each purchase of Astral Tequila helps create more bricks for The Adobe Brick Project when ordering on Drizly between April 22nd to May 5th. Visit (21+) Drizly.com to learn more. 

“One of America’s favorite cocktails wouldn’t exist without the communities in Mexico that dedicate their lives to the production of agave spirits,” shares Christina Choi, SVP of Tequila at Diageo NA. “We’re proud to act as a conduit for people to be able to support these communities not only during Earth Day when sustainability is top of mind, but also year-round.”

For more information and ways to get involved please visit www.astraltequila.com/sustainability and follow @astraltequila on Instagram.

Astral Tequila is a super-premium tequila crafted using 100% Blue Weber agave nourished by the sun and stars in Jalisco, Mexico. Using a tahona and bagazo during fermentation, Astral Tequila’s unique recipe uses traditional, time-intensive processes to create a radiant tequila that brightens every cocktail. Each bottle of Astral Tequila produced helps continue the circular flow of good energy – leftover agave fibers are upcycled into adobe bricks to be used to construct buildings in local communities in Mexico to create more places to gather with loved ones and feel connected. Astral Tequila launched in April 2021 with its first expression, Blanco, followed by Reposado and Añejo in April 2023. For more information on Astral Tequila, please visit http://www.astraltequila.com/.

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