26 marzo, 2023

Alleged child abuser, teacher of Leona Vicario Elementary, who skipped court in Mexicali, arrested in Cancun


A fugitive, after having fled and not showing up for a Court hearing, RICARDO ROBERTO “N”, teacher and alleged abuser of 14 students at Leona Vicario lementary , and two more girls from another school, was arrested in Cancun, in an operation coordinated by the FGE and could arrive in the State at dawn or on Sunday morning in Mexicali.

According to unofficial versions, he would be transferred to the El Hongo prison in Tecate, where he will await the prosecution hearing, which was scheduled for January 16, to which RICARDO ROBERTO “N” did not appear, he would have been imputated and detained for the arraignment hearing,, but he fled and an arrest warrant was issued.

It is important to mention that RICARDO ROBERTO “N” could have been detained before the hearing, but the authorities trusted that he would appear. The alleged sexual abuser led and there was an  effort by the relatives of the affected girls in Mexicali, distributing flyers in the Calexico checkpoint and putting up “Wanted” signs all over town.

Finally, the State Attorney General’s Office arrested him, Governor Marina del Piar Avila Olmeda congratulated State Attorney, Ricardo Ivan Carpio, in a brief press release that does not give further details of the arrest and where she assures that there will be no impunity for RICARDO ROBERTO “N” or in others cases like this.

It is important to know if, once RICARDO ROBERTO “N” arrives at the prison and if he is found guilty, the prison authorities will establish an isolation and protection mechanism or leave him in common areas with the other inmates, where the nature of his crime can bring serious consequences to him.

It is also important to note that RICARDO ROBERTO “N” has the prerogative of a so called “abbreviated process”, a  negotiation of sorts where he could obtain a relatively favorable sentence, which has happened in other cases where guilty parties benefit to a certain extent with somehow lenient sentences.

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