4 octubre, 2023

Political Disrupter Tony Zorc Rakes in 2 Million Views on Social Media in Presidential Run


In 8 weeks since the launch of the Upgrade My Country Movement, and 5 weeks since the launch of his Independent run for President of the United States, Tony Zorc has raked in over 2 million views on social media.

The singer/songwriter distributes his work on six social media platforms and four music platforms.

Over 1 million of the views came from a single short music video for Zorc’s first single Beast Congressman on the TikTok social media platform. 

“America is ready for Revolution, and I am so thrilled with the strong start to the Upgrade My Country Movement. “True change in Washington will look similar to technology disrupters in established business markets, and Upgrade My Country is a Disrupter,” said Zorc

Today Zorc released his third single: “How We Came To Be” which describes the journey of the country into the hands of a corrupt political duopoly.

Zorc further teased the release of the “Upgrade My Country Orientation Film”, which is a short film combining political drama and science fiction later this month. The film uses an analogy of a two-headed dragon known as “the Beast” which stalks the country spreading a virus called “Beastvirus”.

The Beastvirus has incited a political pandemic in the United States and holding the country from progress. In the film, Upgrade My Country distributes a vaccine to cure Beastvirus and end the division destroying America. More information can be found by contacting Tony Zorc Enterprises.

About Tony Zorc

Tony Zorc is an Entrepreneur, Author, Singer/Songwriter, and 2024 Independent candidate for President of the United States. Visit tonyzorc.com to learn more.

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