27 marzo, 2023

LA’s Most Exclusive Car Club Has Landed in Miami


Miami really is the city that has it all: beautiful beaches, amazing food, legendary nightlife, and stunning views, which makes it the perfect driving destination for supercar owners. That’s why Southern California’s premier exotic supercar club is opening Fast Lane Drive-Miami in early 2023.

“Miami is home to one of the highest concentrations of exotic car owners and we are so excited to announce the launch of Fastlane Drive Miami. This social club is the ultimate environment for automotive enthusiasts and collectors to network, share their passion, and enjoy exclusive drives and events that only Fastlane Drive curates.”

– Ryan McFarland, Fast Lane Drive-Miami

So, what is Fast Lane Drive? It’s the freshest take on the exotic car club that goes beyond just the rally (although rallies are still at the heart of the club). Fast Lane has crafted the perfect formula for all car lovers who love and appreciate the craftsmanship and sheer power of their supercars. Events span over the full calendar year, varying between local rallies, special events including yacht parties and charity galas, and of course weekend events, where members meet at exclusive destinations for an all-inclusive driving experience (vehicle shipping included). The thing that makes Fast Lane so unique—and the reason each chapter has a capped membership—is its ability to bring together like-minded individuals whose love of driving should be shared.

Fast Lane Drive started in San Diego, CA with just a core group of friends, and has since expanded to Los Angeles, Scottsdale, and Las Vegas with chapters on the horizon in San Francisco and even Monaco. Each chapter is unique, bringing its own city’s culture to the table. And what better place to enjoy luxury than Miami? That’s why Ryan McFarland, Eddie Piazza, and Colby Watkins reached out to open their own chapter in the Sunshine State.

But Clement Connor, the CEO & founder of Fast Lane Drive also recognizes that in bringing people together with the means to enjoy the luxury lifestyle, they are also presented with a special opportunity and an even greater responsibility. That responsibility is to give back to the communities that have provided the members with so much. Each Fast Lane Drive chapter is dedicated to philanthropy, some local and some national, but all the while giving back to a community that actually makes a difference. Miami is a very special place that’s rich in culture and rich in opportunity, and Fast Lane Drive hopes to tap into that community to give back to local causes. Members are encouraged to represent causes that are close to their own hearts, and the part of membership means the highest level of support from the club.

Perhaps the most important aspect of Fast Lane Drive that sets it apart from other car clubs is the value of friendship. Fast Lane’s arduous application process is meant to carefully select like-minded individuals who, though strangers at first, often grow into lifelong friends. It’s as simple as bringing together friends who have a love for driving—not just watching their supercars collect dust. That’s really the foundation of Fast Lane Drive: friendship and appreciation. We can’t wait to see its impact on the community of Miami, and we’re even more eager to see that iconic Fast Lane line of supercars driving through South Beach like a row of candy.

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