26 marzo, 2023

Alleged Teacher´s Retirement Fund scammers arraigned by the FGE, free on bail, at least for three moths


The fraud allegedly headed by the teacher CONSUELO DALILA, who deceived teachers with a savings account scam, for an amount of three billion pesos, were arraigned by the State Attorney’s FGE, however, she and other three alleged accomplices made bail, will have to show up and sign up monthly.

Fraudulent administration, the crime for which the State Attorney General’s Office managed to arraign Consuelo Dalila “N”, Minette Alineen “N” and others to trial, Delber Daniel “N” and José Alfredo “N”, allegedly involved in the Retirement Fund Savings (Caja de Ahorro Magisterial in Spanish), CAMAC scam, but again, they bailed out, waiting for their next audience.

“Hall 6 of the Criminal Justice Center, in Mexicali the hearing for the formulation of imputation and connection to the process was held under criminal case 5292/2021 to the detriment of one thousand 646 retired teachers, who are owed a total of 1,938 million pesos”.

In Court, the Public Ministry Agent attached to the case, showed sufficient elements of proof and arguments, so that three months are granted for the complementary investigation.

The crime that they are accused of, occurred in 2016, when the victims (retired teachers) were not paid returns, nor were their savings reimbursed, by CAMAC

Given the complexity of the case, after several days of unburdening evidence and arguments from both the Public Ministry agent and the defense, this result was obtained to give justice to the retired teachers; some of them have fallen on the waiting.

These are the terms on which the accused will have three months of freedom, if the next Audience isn´t postponed. The following are the legal terms of freedom for the accused

“In addition to the precautionary measure established in article 155 of the National Code of Criminal Procedures, according to section I, which is the periodic monthly presentation before the judge; section V, the prohibition to leave the country without authorization, from the locality in which you reside or from the territorial area, in addition to delivering a visa and passport within the next 5 days”.

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