29 enero, 2023

San Felipe PD Chief Ramon Valdez resigned after the violent attempt on his life of September 22


The announcement of the resignation of Luis Ramón Valdez Salas, Director of San Felipe PD, is all over social media, something that he had denied himself two days ago and now the news is that he quit, after the lethal attack that cost the life of his two main aids within the port PD.

Social media has it that his resignation was necessary since the threat against his safety and his life is still latent, as well as his family´s welfare, which is why several news sources on the WEB have published that Valdez Salas resigned, due (once again) to the attack on Thursday, September 22 in San Felipe that cost the lives of two high-ranking officers.

Among posts of several media outlets and independent journalists, the news of his resignation is brief and concise, however, even if he wanted to continue as San Felipe PD Chief, he better renounced due to the violent events and that his life would continue to be in danger if he remained in office.

Meanwhile, investigations continue, there are already two people arraigned to process as alleged participants in the violent attack on Thursday, September 22, and according to information from the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), the investigations and intelligence work continue to capture to the other six attackers who, according to Prosecutor Ricardo Carpio, participated in the attack.

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