8 diciembre, 2023

Undisclosed number of arrests regarding San Felipe shootout, tactical equipment and firearms seized, FGE reports


An undisclosed number of men were arrested, they are allegedly involved in the shootout where two high-ranking  officers of the San Felipe PD died, State Attorney (FGE) General Ricardo Carpio, informed that one of them is about to be arraigned.

In addition, more than a thousand cartridges of high-power calibers: 223, 50 and 7.62 x 39, one handgun and nine assault firearms; caliber 50, the so called “cuerno de chivo” (goat horn) and R15 rifles; two vehicles, operational tactical clothing, bulletproof vests with various initials.

The attack was sudden and hit the two main aids to san Felipe PD Chief, they died on the spot and the Director was shot, the perpetrators abandoned their cars and ran, getting off tactical gear and leaving there firearms behind.

They were getting off tactical equipment, such as bullet proof vests and dropping their weapons, as they fled, Carpio explained that they left their vehicles and ran, so they must have had other accomplices waiting nearby, FGE Agents arrested a number of them, which he didn´t mention.

Mr. Carpio said that some insignia found on the vests links these people to a criminal group form another state, he also said there had not been prior threats to make think that San Felipe PD chief and his two main aids would be attacked. The Director was shot but there’s no further information about his health status.

This is a big challenge for the new Municipality of San Felipe, and the newly formed Police Department, there are many issues, as Congressman Manuel Guerrero said: “San Felipe has a big problem with totoaba fish bladder traffic (Buche as it is called) which involves a big flow of money in the black market”.

Carpio finally pointed out that the arrest was possible due to the immediate reaction and joint work with the Security Coordination Table and that Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda was informed of the fact and from the first moment, she has been updated on the matter.

Governor Marina del Pilar Avila, on a State trip to Europe, said that her Government would work close to San Felipe Foundational Council, to protect all the port residents and to get the rest of those involved in the tragically lethal shootout.


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