6 febrero, 2023

Two San Felipe PD commanding officers shot dead near an Oxxo store on Playas de San Felipe


Two San Felipe PD high rank officers were murdered on the afternoon of Tuesday, September 20, they were attacked from a moving vehicle, the State Prosecutor, as well as the armed forces, are working to investigate and clarify this unfortunate and violent attack on authority and tranquility of the port.

Around 6:30 in the afternoon, a shooting was reported in front of the OXXO store in Playas de San Felipe, the reports said that there were two dead people lying on the ground; they turned out to be Commander Norberto Ornelas Nava and Deputy Director Erik Aguilera of the Municipal Police of San Felipe, until that moment there were no more details.

Ornelas Nava, as well as Deputy Director Aguilera, were attacked with firearms by individuals who were traveling in a vehicle. The two officers died at the scene.

The report was received on the 911 emergency line, saying that, near the Oxxo on Playas de San Felipe, shots were heard, upon arrival of the Municipal Police, it was reported that it had been an armed attack, Sedena (Mexican Army) was informed, the Commander of the Municipal Police of San Felipe, Ramón Valdés, reported that those responsible fled in a brown truck with several armed individuals on board, there are no C4 and C2 cameras near the area.

Given these unfortunate events, where two officers of the San Felipe PD died, the State Attorney General, Ricardo Iván Carpio Sánchez reported that an immediate investigation is being carried out, to clarify the case, with an operational deployment coordinated with the Armed Forces, the National Guard and the Secretary of Citizen Security of Baja California to find those responsible and bring them to face justice.

Prosecutor Carpio condemned the violent murder of the two police officers, assured that they will work with all the speed and force necessary to clarify this crime, ensuring that as the investigations progress, society will be promptly informed about what happened.

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