29 mayo, 2023

Four year old beaten to death in Mexicali, mother and stepfather arraigned by the State Attorney Office


The killing of four year old Ivan in Lagos del Sol, in Mexicali outskirts, has uncovered a dreadful plot, his mother and stepfather are arraigned for the heinous crime, the little boy died, chained and beaten to death, allegedly by his mother and stepfather, who had six other children, captive, abused and in miserable sanitary conditions.

NANCY N y OMAR ADOLFO N, were arraigned by the State Attorney for the child’s murder but there is also probable from the same office, since the biological father of Ivan had denounce child abuse against Ivan, as far as October 2020, and nothing happened, now it has been brought up to the spot pf public opinion.

The Coronoer’s reported that Ivan died of severe traumatism to the torax and had severe skull injuries, as well as very serious conditions of infection and malnutrinition; he was beaten to death in the early hours of May 10.

The couple has seven children, four are his and three are hers, OMAR ADOLFO N and NANCY N, according to Governor Marina del Pilar Avila, they under custody of the Family Development System, and they will try to locate some relatives who could take custody of the other children, who were also in miserable conditions.

State Attorney General, Ricardo Carpio, referred to the alleged negligence by the Attorneys Office, since the biological father had denounce the problem to the FGE, more than 18 months ago, but nothing happened, no action was carried out, there was no investigation, a few days ago, hell broke loose in Lagos del Sol..

Mr. Carpio promised there would be a thorough investigation, in order to stablish what happened, and determine if someone ought to be held accountable for the matter, the Judge decided to grant 4 months for the next audience and both accused will remain in custody.

During the hearing, the Public Ministry and Specialized Prosecutor for Crimes Against Life presented enough evidence to the Control Judge, who arraigned the accused and granted four months for investigation, both accused will remain in preventive detention. .

Between late night of May 9 and early hours of May 10, when the defendants, allegedly, were at a house on Lago del Sol Street in the Lagos del Sol subdivision, while Ivan was tied up with chains, beat him unmercifully.

The defendants, allegedly, also used a metal antenna to continue beating the minor, who only shouted “let me go”, “let me go”, “help me”, causing multiple injuries, they could get as many as 60 years, since there is no death penalty or life imprison in Mexican criminal law.

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