28 marzo, 2023

Baja California State Attorney arraigns alleged feminicide Kevin Daniel


The State Attorney General’s Office of Baja California, managed to arraign Kevin Daniel “N” to trial for his alleged responsibility in the crime of feminicide, which is the murder of a woman by someone who is closely related to the victim or when there is extreme violence and sexual assault involved in the killing..

The arrest took place on September 10, at approximately 9:00PM, when Playas de Rosarito PD radio operator, received a report about a woman aboard a vehicle requesting help, which is why they sent patrol cars to begin the search.

During the search operation, a black Renault-type vehicle was intercepted, it was traveling at excessive speed, when the driver saw the agents, he tried to flee, losing control of the car, which caused him to fall into a canyon, then he got out of the car and tried to run.

He was caught a few meters ahead by the Rosarito PD officers chasing him; with support of other units at the same time, they noticed the body of a woman lying on the dirt road, she was seriously injured, so medical services were requested, medics found her dead with signs of violence when they arrived to the scene.

The police officers inspected the Renault vehicle, which was damaged, a hydraulic jack with reddish-brown stains similar to those left by human blood was found inside the car, so it was allegedly used to beat the woman to death.

As part of coordination with Municipal authority and teaming up with the State Investigation Agency, it was possible for Rosarito cops to establish and arrest the man whom the victim had pointed out as her aggressor, today he is in prison awaiting trial in accordance with the Law for the crime of murder.

Once the alleged feminicide had the opportunity to testify, evidence collected by the Public Ministry was shown and, based on the evidence collected by the elements of the State Investigation Agency, Kevin Daniel “N” was presented before a control judge who described the arrest as legal, then a couple of days later he was arraigned.

Likewise, on September 16, the arraignment hearing was held in which the judge, based on the evidence from the Prosecutor’s Office, determined that there were sufficient elements to order the connection to the process of Kevin Daniel “N”, as presumed responsible for the crime of feminicide, granting a period of three months for the complementary investigation of this case.

The State Attorney General’s Office, through all its areas, reiterates its commitment to work to defend and seek justice for our society, especially for those women who are victims of aggressors who put their integrity or life at risk; for this institution, research with a gender perspective is and will be a priority.

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