8 diciembre, 2023

Two thousand Haitian immigrants in Mexicali, most of them already have jobs


Around two thousand Haitian immigrants have arrived in Mexicali, there are one thousand 250 of them who are living in the City shelters, many of them are already working, said Jaime Rojo, federal delegate of the Baja California Welfare Department, the problem is to find them a suitable home.

The Mexicali City Council has set up 12 shelters for them, but many Haitians already have jobs and want to find a place to live, they come to work in Mexicali, they do not want to go, like other countrymen of theirs, to the United States.

They know that there´s enough employment and things to do for them in Mexicali, they haven´t raised any social issues, except for their need for a home, because most them are already legally working .

Rojo also commented that it is important that the President mentioned the issue in the morning press conference and assured that he is already in coordination with Governor Marina del Pilar to seek solutions.

Haitian immigrants who have arrived, since the first wave, are incorporated into the Mexicali economy in various ways and can be seen working in construction, in local businesses, as street vendors, others are looking for a way to emigrate to the United States.

They have not come to create a social problem, they come contributing and working, there is no Haitian homelessness in the streets, it is a fact, it is difficult to know where they all come from, but some say they come from Chile.

They have found work and need to rent houses or apartments to live, but it has been difficult for them, they do not have an endorsement to be able to rent a home, however, they contribute a lot to the life of Mexicali, which, in addition, has always been a destination for migrants.

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