22 marzo, 2023

Kidnapper´s leader operating in Mexicali will fall, 6 detained and arraigned already: Baja California State Attorney


The leader of the band that has been kidnapping immigrants and kidnapped a dentist in Mexicali fled and he´s believe to be in a Mexican central State, there is coordination with several State Attorney´s all over the center of Mexico, and Baja California Attorney Ricardo Carpio said it´s just matter of time for him to face justice here in Mexicali.

Six suspects have been detained and four of them arraigned, the other two are soon to be arraigned and the search for the leader continues, justice will be done said State Attorney Carpio.

Aspects of the house where the young kidnappers kept the kidnapped tied up and terrified, in Villas del Rey Section III

Criminal bands hailing from other states constantly arrive in Baja California to carry out executions, drug smuggling and kidnapping, this last crime being the one that has caused the most impact in recent days, after the rescue of the kidnapped dentist and the arrest of four “care takers” and days later the arrest of a couple of young kidnappers who are barely 20 years old and are already involved in high-impact crime.

The two of the kidnappers who had snatched a dentist in Mexicali, were arrested in a sting operation by the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), who also yielded the rescue of two victims, who had been deprived of liberty on September 5, in less than 7 days, the Prosecutor’s Office has managed to arrest kidnappers and rescue several victims, but the ring leader is still at large.

They arrested two young people who are barely 20 years old; their names are EDUARDO ANTONIO “N”, 20 years old, from Michoacán and JOCABED “N”, 20 years old, from Mexicali, they play important roles of the criminal group “Los M”, which comes from the state of Hidalgo.

EDUARDO ANTONIO “N” was in charge of the phone calls to threaten and demand ransom from relatives of the victims, he was in charge of demanding money by phone from the dentist who was rescued in days past, when the kidnappers, when about to kill him.

The two dangerous youngsters had seized a man and a woman and kept them captive, they had deceived them and took them to a house on Gordos Avenue in the Villas del Rey subdivision, Third Stage, they led their captives to believe that they would help them enter illegally United States.

However, they kept them imprisoned with hands and feet tied with plastic straps and forced them to call with their relatives in the United States, asking for a ransom of 16 thousand dollars for their freedom.

The actions that made it possible to intervene in both cases are based on intelligence work carried out by the Specialized Kidnapping Unit (UECS) from the first moment it became aware of the gang’s criminal activities, said General Attorney Ricardo Carpio, stressing the work of the intelligence areas of the State Investigation Agency (AEI) kept surveillance and investigation, which allowed him to be detained today.

After learning of the first kidnapping committed by this gang in Baja California, the Attorney General issued instructions so that both the Public Ministry agent and special agents from the Anti-kidnapping group strengthen the actions and continue the investigations until the criminal group is completely dismantled.

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