24 marzo, 2023

Three people who were drowning in rescued by Ensenada FD lifeguards, Mayor Ayala Robles advises caution to tourists


Three people were rescued when they were drowning in the sea, on the Ensenada beaches of La Misión and Girasoles, thanks to the swift action of the city´s lifeguards working on the seashore they were taken out of the water and given first aid attentions, said Mayor Armando Ayala Robles.

The last weekend of July, there were 9 thousand visitors in the Ensenada beaches, said Ayala Robles, the activity increased a lot and the city lifeguards working were over loaded with work, that weekend they had to take 350 prevention actions, from just calling the attention of tourists to rescue three of them who were about to drown in the raging waves.

Ensenada FD lifeguards have been working extra in order to keep the beach visitors safe, and they have had 350 interventions since July 1st and last weekend they saved three people who were drowning.

Extreme caution when visiting the beach and being aware of how dangerous the ocean can be, are part of the recommendations that Mayor Ayala Robles made to all the tourists visiting the port this Summer vacation.

Ayala Robles also urged tourists to pick up and take away the garbage they create when going to the beach to have fun, and underlined that during July the garbage collection on the seashore grew up to more than 40 tons (about 83 thousand pounds) of different kinds of waste.

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