26 marzo, 2023

Two Pitbull dogs rescued by Ecological Unit cops in a seemingly abandoned house, malnourished and with ticks all over


Two dogs were found in a house in Colonia San Gabriel de Mexicali, in very poor conditions, practically abandoned, they were rescued by Officials of Mexicali PD Ecological Unit, once again people have very little understanding of the responsibility of having dogs as pets, since they are living beings and not toys or attack weapons.

The house where the dogs had been abandoned is located on Capitan Cabrillo street in the aforementioned section of the city, the Mexicali PD (DSPM in Spanish) received a report via social media, it denounced the unhealthy conditions and evident abandonment situation in which two male pittbull dogs were, in the front yard of the house, in an apparently uninhabited house.

Both dogs were in a very deplorable shape, they were tick infected and had been abandoned by an undisclosed amount of time, the owner is being looked for in order for him to pay a fine and explained why the dogs were in such a deplorable shape.

The two pittbull dogs were in deplorable conditions of abandonment, they had ticks in their ears and back, in addition to being abandoned, unfortunately there are people who breed these types of dogs to use them as weapons of attack or as fight dogs, but very often those people can´t control them and then the notorious “savage packs” are formed and become a public hazard.

This breed in particular is dangerous and in many popular neighborhoods they are raised to be used as attack weapons or home guards, however, the lack of responsibility and care often causes the dogs to escape and become a threat, often attacking people, those “stray dog packs” have already caused serious injury to many and even death.

Police oficers and animal control workers showed at the place where the dogas had been abandoned and proceeded to rescue them and take them to the CEMCA, animal control center

The officers of Mexicali PD Ecological Unit arrived at the place and saw the conditions in which the dogs were, so they requested the intervention of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), and the Municipal Animal Control Center (CEMCA) and through a search warrant, they entered the house to rescue the dogs.

The cops from the Ecological Unit, together with elements of the Municipal Center for Animal Control, rescued and transferred of abandoned and sick dogs, infected with ticks, to the CEMCA of Colonia Robledo.

Approximately three years old, the two dogs had ticks on their ears and back, so they were taken to the CEMCA facilities, where they will remain until claimed by their master, who will also have to pay a fine for animal abuse.

Nube Ochoa, coordinating officer of Ecology, reported that in recent weeks the municipal police have carried out 8 operations with 14 rescues of pets in a situation of abuse, most of these cases were due to complaints received via social networks.

Pittbull dogs are also prohibited as pets in many countries around the world while in Mexicali, in popular neighborhoods, many gang members use them as a weapon, in other places they are used to “take care” of car yards and other commercial premises, however, there are many documented cases of specimens of this breed that have killed other dogs, have even attacked and left serious injuries or even caused the death of many people, so between their aggressive nature and human irresponsibility, they have become a serious public health and safety problem.

People must understand that having a dog as a pet is a big responsibility, even more if their pets are Pitbull or another one of those very dangerous breeds.

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