26 marzo, 2023

One month after two Jesuits were killed in Chihuahua, there are 13 arrested but EL CHUECO is still at large


After one month of the heinous crime which wound up with the death of two catholic prisets, there are 7 people arraigned, on murder charges, in the cruel case of two Jesuits who were killed in Chihuahua one month ago, there are another 6 detainees, but they haven’t been arraigned yet according to the Secretary of Citizens Protection and Security of Chihuahua, a northern State in Mexico, which borders with New Mexico and Texas.

The two Jesuits were allegedly murdered by a criminal posse led by a man nicknamed EL CHUECO, along with a tourist guide and two other people in Cerocahui, a town in the Sierra Tarahumara in Chihuahua, according to the Ministry of Public Security and Citizen Protection of Chihuahua in the morning of López Obrador.

Roberto Javier Fierro Duarte, Prosecutor of Chihuahua, reporting the discovery of the three bodies 80 kilometers from the scene of the events he alo said there is a 5 million pesos reward for any information leading to EL CHUECO’s capture.

It all started in a baseball game, where the team sponsored by the alleged perpetrator and mastermind of the killings, EL CHUECO, lost and a baseball game, the next day he and several of his accomplices, kidnapped two players and a tour guide, according to investigations reported by the Chihuahua Prosecutor, Roberto Javier Fierro Duarte.

El Chueco took them to a hotel, and once they got there, he and his men murdered the two players but the tour guide managed to escape, he fled but was chased by the deranged posse; he tried to find sanctuary in Cherocahui church, with the two Jesuit priests.

EL CHUECO and his people arrived to the church, and didn’t heed the Jesuits´ call for mercy, and proceeded to killed the three men, then they took the bodies away, the corpses were located about 80 kilometers (50miles) west of Cerocahui, about 48hours later.

The SSPC of Chihuahua reported that the operation to capture José Noriel Portillo Gil, AKA EL CHUECO, alleged responsible for these horrible events, will continue until he is caught, as well as to guarantee the safety of the inhabitants of the municipality of all Chihuahua´s Tarahumara region.

Chihuahua State Attorney Office reported that there is of 5 million pesos reward being offered for information leading to the capture of José Noriel Portillo Gil, alias EL CHUECO, who is also considered a powerful operator of organized crime in the region.

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