22 marzo, 2023

Tijuana PD cops rescued 12 captive immigrants, arrested three smugglers and seized assault rifles


A confrontation between Tijuana Police Department cops and members of a people smuggling operation, three “polleros” (human traffickers) were arrested and twelve immigrants, who were kept captive in a house of La Presa Delegation in Tijuana were rescued, according to information of Tijuana City Council.

The smugglers turned out to be three young people under 24 years of age, they were equipped with assault rifles and at least two of them had big criminal records, despite their young age, they are highly dangerous criminals who shot at the policemen that later arrested them, who responded to the attack.

It all began with a firearm attack against a municipal patrol car, and in the end, twelve immigrants were rescued, in addition to the three alleged criminals arrested, in the aftermath of the confrontation between Tijuana PD agents.

Following orders from Mayor Monserrat Caballero Ramírez, the operations of the Tijuana PD have been reinforced, as well as the investigation tasks, which led to the “polleros” arrest in the Rincón del Oro neighborhood of La Presa delegation.

While the Tijuana PD cops were carrying out a surveillance assignment in the afore mentioned area, they were attacked by three youngsters firing assault rifles, from a house, they shot back at their aggressors.

They hit one of their aggressors on the right leg, the suspect was taken to the City General Hospital under arrest, his name is Ángel “X” AKA “El Opera”, 21 years old, from Chiapas, who has a record for possession of marijuana, Alexis Rosario “X” AKA “Pelón”, 22 years old, who was also arrested in the spot, he was born in Sinaloa; and César Iván “X” AKA “El Gato”, 24 years old, who has been arrested several times for administrative offenses.

Two .223-caliber assault rifles, four magazines for high-power weapons and 99 useful cartridges were seized and 12 migrants were released, they apparently had been kidnapped, one of them hailed from the State of Mexico, three from Chihuahua, two from Mexico City, five from Veracruz, and one from Chiapas.

The arrested individuals are seemingly part of a criminal group of human traffickers, who take advantage and abuse people who want to cross to the United States as illegal aliens, so they were turned to the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE).

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