23 septiembre, 2023

Five men who just arrived from southern Mexico, kidnapped by alleged “polleros”, rescued by Mexicali PD


Saturday, June 25, Mexicali Police officers rescued five men who had been kept captive in a house in an area called Valle de Puebla, one of the most violent and insecure parts of Mexicali, they endured three days of hell, hands and feet plastic tied, one more sample of what people are willing or have to go through in order to illegally enter the US.

Most people arriving to Mexicali trying to cross the border are victims of “polleros” who are supposed to help them get to the US, but many times end up kept hostage for ransom, by people who take advantage of their desperation to find a better life in another country.

Mexicali Officers in a police car, on normal duty, assigned to the city´s eastern zone, saw a man running out from a house on 3565 Chiquihuite Street in Valle de Puebla, waving to the Police and crying for help, saying there were four other people captive inside the house.

They were all untied and given water and attention by the cops, and they told them that they arrived to Mexicali airport three days before, then proceed to “Hotel Princes” in Mexicali, where the alleged kidnappers found them, and took them to the house where they were held captive for three days.

The officers secured the premises to safeguard life and integrity of the five men, who were placed under police protection, they 47-year-old Anselmo from Oaxaca, 38-year-old Jaime from Guanajuato, as well as 29-year-old Carlos Alfredo and 18-year-old Adán Moisés, as well as 29-year-old Miguel Ángel from Cuernavaca.

Regarding those responsible, it was only said that they were a 25-year-old man and a woman who were seemingly in charge of their care; they were in the house, the case will be turned over to the Baja California Attorney General’s Office for investigation through the Specialized Investigation Unit to Combat Kidnapping.

This is where the Five men had been captive for three days, Mexicali PD rescued them

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