12 agosto, 2022

Zero tolerance for drunk driver who allegedly killed two women in Mexicali, he was detained in Sonora


The drunk driver who allegedly killed two women, when he ran them over, who was hiding near Hermosillo Sonora, was arrested by Sonora State Attorney agents, as a result of a joint investigation carried out with Baja California State Attorney, there are five Mexicali PD officers suspended and under investigation for allegedly letting the driver go free.

The tragic incident in which two women, Leah and Rosa, a mother and her daughter died, happened on May 28, on Ninth Street in Mexicali East side, when the inebriated driver lost control of the car and killed the two women, but “somehow” he wasn´t taken to the Station and was able to flee the scene, and went to Sonora to hide in a ranch near the State capital, Hermosillo.

According to the “Municipal Syndic”, an officer in charge of checking and reviewing all City Hall administrative and personnel behavior anomalies, there are five Police officers suspended and under investigation, but he wasn´t able to provide more information, since it is an ongoing investigation.

Pedro Ariel Mendivil, Mexicali Regional Attorney, said that the man identified as DANIEL MIGUEL “X” (Mexican Law forbids authorities and media to reveal the surname until the alleged perpetrator in sentenced) said that, if found guilty, the man faces up to 15 years in jail, and that the accused will face the first Court hearing Monday afternoon.

Once it is determined that the detention was carried out in a legal fashion according to the State Penal Normativity, the arraignment hearing will take place shortly, but the strange thing is that DANIEL was never taken to the authorities, PD Station first and then he was supposed to be turned to the State Attorney in order to have his court hearings.

That never happened, so there is suspicion of Mexicali PD officers helping the alleged murderer flee, and Mendivil said that there will be zero tolerance, and there is an ongoing investigation by elements of the Municipal Syndic and depending on results, they might even face charges. Meanwhile, the women’s family have demonstrated and demanded the destitution of Mexicali Police Chief, Alejandro Lora, and the arrest of DANIEL, the second demand has already been taken care of, but they still want the investigation on the role Mexicali Police officers played in all this pitiful matter.

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