24 marzo, 2023

Shootout in Mexicali Valley, four men arrested by Mexicali PD, no casualties to regret: Mexicali PD Chief Pedro Mendivil


There was a shoot-out in Guadalupe Victoria City in the Mexicali Valley, at around 4 o’clock Saturday, two luxury vans, who allegedly were going form San Luis to Mexicali, were spotted by Mexicali PD officers who tried to puled them over but the car´s occupants opened fire with assault rifles, said said Mexicali PD Chief, Pedro Ariel Mendívil, at a press conference on Sunday morning.

He said that the policemen exchanged fire with them for several minutes, and then there was a high speed chase, which ended up with the detention of four alleged criminals in Mexicali, with wide spread rap sheets, one of them is a minor and is related to an attempted murder investigation that occurred a few weeks ago, and there is even an arrest warrant on him.

After an intense, intermittent shooting, in which the Mexicali PD got help from State Security Secretary, State Attorney agents , and the Mexican Army, JOSE ALFREDO “N”, JOSE DOMINGO “N”, GENARO “N”, and a minor named MISAEL were arrested. “N”, all of them with extensive criminal record, said Mexicali PD Chief, Pedro Ariel Mendivil.

Police found assault rifles, magazine chargers with useful cartridges, bulletproof vests and all sorts of tactical equipment, a hand grenade inside the Tahoe truck in which the detained were traveling it had a theft report, the second truck managed to flee towards San Luis Río Colorado, where there might have been one criminal dead, said the Secretary of State Citizen Security, General Gilbert Landeros.

Mendívil also explained that the detainees are part of the Salazar and Huerta criminal organization, which are generators of violence in the Mexicali Valley, and did not rule out the possibility that those men, now detained, may have been traveling to Mexicali or its valley to carry out some organized crime operation.

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