29 mayo, 2023

Retired cop, whose house hade burned in a fire got help from Mexicali PD Chief Pedro Mendivil


A retired cop, former Mexicali PD officer Evaristo Ramírez, who had lost his home on a fire in the town of Guadalupe Victoria of the Mexicali Valley, a few weeks ago, received support from Mexicali Police Department, the Police Fraternity (a Police Union of sorts), the Irrigation Module No. 8, and the Guadalupe Victoria Municipal Delegation.

Pedro Ariel Mendívil, Mexicali PDE Chief, took action as soon as he heard about this sad case and coordinated his office with different instances to collect construction materials, with the help of Mexicali hardware store businesses, in order to gather blocks, steel, cement, and other materials, to facilitate the reconstruction of the former cop´s house.

The Chief of Mexicali Municipal Police Department, Pedro Ariel Mendívil, during the delivery of construction materials to rehabilitate the burned house of the retired officer

Through Mexicali PD sub-direction for crime prevention and citizen proximity and the community projects unit, the donation was made, which, in the first stage of construction, will lead to rapid construction so that comrade Evaristo Ramírez can once again have a heritage for your family.

In this noble cause, the collaboration of the president of the police fraternity Antonio Navarrete Castillo, the delegate Fabián Álvarez and members of the irrigation module no. 8; who jointly provided possible support, a reflection of the commitment that the commanders of the police corporation have for all members, active and retired, of Mexicali PD.

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