25 septiembre, 2023

American nurses to march on May 12th in Washington D.C. asking for better wages, violence and other issues


A grassroots group of nurses is uniting and lifting their voices peacefully to advocate for much needed change in the nursing industry, culminating with a national nurses’ march at the nation’s capital on May 12, 2022, according to a press release from.

“Why I March”
“I’m marching for the integrity of healthcare,” said Justin Riney, RN of Michigan.
“I’m marching so all nurses can be fairly compensated on a national level,” stated Ashley Hughes, RN, of North Carolina.
I am marching because the profession that I fell in love with 24 years ago is in crisis,” said Najja Williams, RN, of Texas. “It saddens me to see the large exodus of nurses due to unsafe work conditions and low pay,” she concluded.

National Nurses March is a proprietary, grassroots organization formed in January 2022 by Veronica Marshall of AL. Co-organizers and fellow officers include Ashley Hughes in NC, Justin Riney in MI, and Najja Williams of TX. NNM is completely independent and is not affiliated with any other healthcare organization or association of any kind. NNM has applied for 501(c)3 status which should be approved soon. For more information, visit www.nationalnursesmarch.org

Since its inception in January 2022, the National Nurses March (NNM) organization has accrued more than 200,000 members on its Facebook group and has reserved a place at The Ellipse, in President’s Park, south of the White House, for the national march on May 12 in Washington, DC. To advance its mission, the NNM organization continues to grow, gain followers, and gather additional funding and support to achieve its four key objectives.

• Fair realistic wages; including no caps
• Safe staffing (nurse to patient) ratios
• No violence against healthcare workers
• Change the culture of the biases and discrimination in the nursing profession


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