8 diciembre, 2023

Crazed driver tries to escape with a flat tire, crashed into a patrol car in Mexicali-San Felipe highway


Upon receiving the report of a gold Lexus model approximately 1998 that was circulating on the San Felipe highway with a flat tire, municipal police officers aboard a patrol stopped the driver with a code and siren, who ignored him crossing the central median to circulate in the opposite direction and entered the gas station that is at the height of the Proconsa Materials.

At that moment another patrol arrived in support of the first unit and the Lexus hit the police unit directly, resulting in damage to the operator’s door (dent), involved he fled along the San Felipe highway towards the north.

FAUSTO «N», crazed driver who starred in a chase with a flat tire, collided with patrol cars and tried to run over the police officers

At the intersection with road 1810, the crazed driver entered the VIP gas station, again, with maneuvers that put the physical integrity of the policemen and customers, so the agents descended from the units to subdue the subject.

Seeing the officers seemed to have made FAUSTO mad as he insulted and called them, turned the steering wheel towards the policemen and tried to run them over, the officers used force to stop the vehicle from moving, to control the situation and arrest the deranged driver, who was transferred to the sub East Zone Command for the corresponding legal procedures.

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