3 junio, 2023

Abandoned house used as “drug meeting point” torn down by Mexicali PD, many others should be demolished too


The problem of abandoned or dilapidated houses in Mexicali, that become meeting points for people who go there to use drugs such as crystal meth or heroin, are the so-called “picaderos”, which, in addition to being a public health problem, is a serious security problem, so the Community Projects unit of the Police Department of Mexicali (DSPM), has undertaken an operation to clean the city of such places.

A property, pointed at as a conflict area and a meeting point for people who engage in antisocial behaviors, was torn down, it was an abandoned home located in the San Marcos section of Mexicali, that was disabled by the DSPM, in order to restore tranquility and social ease among residents of the area.

Two youngsters are being persuaded to leave the premises in the “picadero” that was torn down in San Marcos, Mexicali, there are these kinds of places are a public health and security problems, there are many of these places all over the city.

The municipal police of Mexicali, hand in hand with neighborhood leaders and the “Bautista” company, made a joint effort to tear down the abandoned and ruined residence on Paseo del Agua Avenue, which for several years, had been denounced as a “picadero” (a drug house of sorts), a clandestine garbage dump, used by criminals and addicts as a shelter and even as housing, and they have been accused of carrying out criminal behavior that violates the patrimony of families in the area.

In order to carry out the destruction of the property, the owners were contacted to facilitate the intervention of the authority, who agreed to the dismantling, later with the support of the socially responsible company “Bautista”, a retro excavator machine was used as well as a dump truck to remove the debris.

With these actions, the citizen request is fulfilled, working to recover safe environments, through combating social problems, from a criminological perspective, between the criminal phenomenon and the urban structure.

Many people also use these abandoned houses to throw away garbage and other things, making a bigger problem

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