29 mayo, 2023

Company car stolen from employees, it was located with GPS and Mexicali police arrested one of the thieves


Two men threatened two workers form CAFE TRUJILLO, a coffee brand, they put a gun to their faces and took away the company car they worked in as well as 5 thousand pesos (about 250 US dollars), and it was a white Nissan Tsuru with license plates from Jalisco State.

It all happened in Río Atoyac and Calle Novena in González Ortega, a city delegation east of Mexicali; they took the car and the cash and then they fled, according to information of the Public Security Direction of Mexicali.

Upon receiving the report at the Control and Command Center C4, a unit of the Mexicali Police Department, East demarcation, from the Paseos del Sol Station, they arrived and talked to the victims, the driver of the car, a 50-year-old man, explained the agents what had happened, also giving them a description of the suspects, they were both wearing gray shirts and blue jeans.

RAMON LEONARDO, 30 years old, stole a car and 5 thousand pesos from employees of CAFE TRUJILLO, he was arrested in almost no-time a few blocks away, hi accomplice was not found.

Locating of the car was possible because it was equipped with a GPS system, so the it was easy to locate the stolen automobile, few blocks from the place of the carjacking; only one of the alleged perpetrators was arrested.

The detained was identified as RAMON LEONARDO “N”, 30 years old, he was arrested by the DSPM policemen, with no resistance whatsoever while the other managed to escape, RAMON LEONARDO was taken to the Paseos del Sol Station where he will be turned to the Attorney’s office, so he will soon behave “his day in court”.

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