26 marzo, 2023

Volleyball world class tournament to be held in Rosarito Beach from March 23 to 27, teams from 16 countries


The countdown has begun. Baja California will once again host an international event, the Beach Volleyball World Tour is going to be held in the Playas of Rosarito.

From March 23 to 27, the best 16 duos in the world, both in men’s and women’s branches, will compete for supremacy in what is the beginning of a series of tournaments that will travel throughout the year to all the continents of the planet.

Rosarito will host the world’s best beach volleyball teams as part of a World Tour that would visit several cities all over the world, countdown has commenced, from 23 to 27 March.

The event is endorsed by the International Volleyball Federation and will have the logistics used in professional elite qualification tournaments, setting up a buildable stadium with capacity for four thousand people and another for five hundred, as well as two fields for warm-up.

Mexico as the host country will participate in both branches, highlighting that the couple formed by Josué Gaxiola and José Luis Rubio, who continue with the process after having participated in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, while the ladies who will seek to raise the name of the country will be Atenas Gutiérrez and María José Quintero.

As for the world powers that will see action in this contest, Brazil stands out in the women’s branch as ranked #1 in the world, as well as the representatives of Switzerland, the United States and Austria, while in the men the teams of Germany stand out, Spain and Sweden.

Rosarito, Baja California, will thus become one of the two Mexican places that will host this great event in 2022, before the World Tour moves to South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and ends in Oceania.

The calendar according to the Organizing Committee will be developed as follows under morning and evening sessions:

*Wednesday, March 23, qualifying duels.

* Thursday March 24, games of the first and second day.

* Friday March 25, games of the third and fourth day.

* Saturday March 26, round of quarterfinals and semifinals. * Sunday March 27, all finals.

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