29 septiembre, 2022

10 Suspects allegedly involved in two Tijuana journalists murders detained by the State Attorney


Last year, seven journalists were killed in Mexico, all deaths are related to their journalistic work, it’s February and there have been 5 journalists killed for causes related to their jobs, and one more, whose death has not been established as related to his journalistic labor, that makes the Mexican press the most vulnerable to threats and lethal attacks, for the last three years Mexico has led a dreadful list of fallen journalists, not to mention human right activists.

Mexican press has been attacked from several fronts, on a daily basis, there is resentment (to say the least) against reporters, photographers, camera men, news anchors, editors, and at this death rate, this might become a mournful year for Mexico´s journalism, social activism and freedom of speech, the detention of the alleged killers of two journalists from Tijuana is a little touch of grey in a very dark situation, but future is gloomy for Mexican media.

February 25, 2022, at dawn, several search warrants were executed in Tijuana, simultaneous raids, different areas of the city, resulting in the seizure of firearms (2 long and 3 short), drugs (marijuana, heroin and methamphetamine), several cell phones and the arrest of 10 people, whose identities and backgrounds are still being verified, since they are allegedly involved in the murders of two Tijuana journalists, Margarito Martínez and Lourdes Maldonado.

General State Attorney, Ricardo Carpio Sánchez, held a press conference in Tijuana on Friday afternoon, where he informed about the advance of investigations that led to the sting operation, where 10 people were secured and are very likely involved in Margarito Martínez Esquivel death, which occurred on January 17, 2022, a few days later Lourdes Maldonado also fell.

After investigation and intelligence gathering, on the case of those murders, led not only to the gradual discovery of the circumstantial schemes in which these crimes took place, but also to the identification of likely participants.

These investigations have not only yielded precise information on the attacks against the two killed journalists, lines of investigation that, led to discover several criminal events, related in first instance, to the drug dealing on the streets of Tijuana.

Preliminary reports state that the ten suspects are in custody and they are presumably involved and are “persons of interest” in the investigations of Martínez Esquivel’s murder, the names of the detainees, subject to investigation are: Margarita Selene N., Manuel N., Octavio N., Francisco Ofelio N., Gabriela N., Jesús Aarón N., Ángel Eduardo N., José N., Christian Adán N., and Michelangelo N.

The six addresses where the searches took place are 1.- Calle Baja California Sur, Number 8001, colonia Camino Verde, Tijuana, Baja California. 2.- Avenida Loma Alta Privada Perestrelo, number 13901-40, colonia Cuesta Blanca, Tijuana, Baja California. 3.- Avenida Miguel Hidalgo sin number, colonia Xicoténcatl Leyva II, Tijuana, Baja California. 4.- Calle Francisco Fregoso sin number, colonia Camino Verde, Tijuana, Baja California. 5.- Calle de los Reyes, number 8205, colonia Anexa a Sánchez Taboada, Tijuana, Baja California, and 6.- Calle Soldadores, no number, colonia Sánchez Taboada Produtsa, Tijuana, baja California.

Sting Operation: Six houses were searched by State Attorney officers, they found drugs, weapons, ammo and cellular phones, ten people detained, they might be related to the murders of two Tijuana journalists.

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