5 octubre, 2022

Clandestine concert cancelled by Mexicali authorities and Police, alcohol sold to minors, the venue had no license


Mexicali City Hall Secretary office has been working hard to seek and cancel clandestine events, where there are tickets and/or alcohol sold without the Municipal License to do so, besides that some of them serve alcohol to minors, and last Saturday February 26 the so called NEOFEST 22, electronic music event was cancelled.

The party was going on, there were inebriated minors, the venue had no license to sell alcohol, there was no Municipal Tax payment for the event’s proceedings, so the party was shut down and there might be fines up to 140 thousand pesos (about seven thousand dollars).  

There were about 200 attendants to the concert and it was almost midnight last Saturday when the municipal inspectors and Mexicali PD agents arrived to the spot and immediately secured the minors and evacuated the premises, proceeding to seal the door of “Esmeralda” small park for rent business, the place where everything happened, closed until authorities decide on the appropriate fines.

The most curious thing about this entire affair, is that the Authority found out because the NEOFEST 22 was advertised on social media, and there is where they got the information as of the venue and the prices for the event, the promoters had no license whatsoever, so they took the job at hand and raided the party.

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