8 diciembre, 2023

San Felipe Foundation Council received Puertecitos Delegation from Ensenada


The Foundational Municipal Council of San Felipe received the facilities of what was the Puertecitos delegation, which used to belong to Ensenada, including human resources and equipment, this delegation has now been ceded to the new municipality.

Members of the Foundational Municipal Council of San Felipe, led by the presiding councilor, José Luis Dagnino López, received the human and material resources existing in the former municipal delegation of Ensenada known as Puertecitos, which is now part of the seventh municipality of Baja California.

When the facilities corresponding to the Puertecitos Delegation were officially received, there were three patrol-type police units, a pick-up vehicle, weapons and basic equipment, as well as the building where the inhabitants of southern San Felipe will be served.

José Luis Dagnino López on behalf of the councilors thanked the authorities of the Ensenada municipality for their willingness and support to take this step, which he described as very important in the integration of the new municipality.

Public services and public security will continue to be provided in the Puertecitos area of ​​influence, said Dagnino López, while noting that a diagnosis will be made of the needs of the inhabitants of the ejidos and communities that make up this part of the municipality of San Felipe, in order to correct them as much as possible.

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