23 septiembre, 2023

Two alleged extortionists form San Felipe arraigned by the FGE


Two alleged extortionists were arrested by agents of the Baja California State Attorney office (FGE in Spanish), they supposedly operated in San Felipe, where they had been threatening several people, mostly business owners, to whom they demanded money in exchange of “protection”.

The two men who were identified as TOMAS “X” aka “EL Chalán” and FRANCISCO JAVIER “X”, they were detained and they have been arraigned, according to an FGE press release, which stated that they will remain imprisoned according to the proof submitted by the State Attorney.

According to the FGE’s San Felipe Investigation Office, both men had threatened their victims, in order to get money from them, according to a contractor from San Felipe, as of November 16, he started getting phone calls from an unknown subject, who said he was a member of a drug cartel.

The caller demanded a considerable amount of money from the contractor as a “protection fee”, the man ignored the calls, which started to be more and more threatening, the amount they demanded was huge, and they even told him not to go to the Police since they said they had “associates” inside the Police and National Guard.

On November 26, they summoned the victim in a supermarket parking lot located on Chetumal Avenue in San Felipe, where TOMAS collected the money while FRANCISCO JAVIER waited nearby, and they are being subject of similar extortions to other three cases, which had been denounced, by other victims.

During the arraignment hearing, the Judge conceded the State Attorney 4 months’ time to carry out the correspondent investigation.

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