7 diciembre, 2022

Jose Maria Yazpik, of NETFLIX Narcos 3 fame, visits Mexicali’s La Chinesca


La Chinesca, historical landmark in downtown Mexicali, the remains of a Chinatown of sorts in the middle of the desert, the famous Chinesca Alley and its surroundings had been forgotten for ages, but a couple of years ago, Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda, then Mayor of Mexicali and today, Governor of Baja California, took special interest in the area, part of the so-called Centro Histórico (Historical Downtwon) she worked rehabilitating the downtown area, and this is one of its most important parts.

Mexican actor Jose Maria Yazpik, visited the Chinesca Alley, invited by Governor Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda and Mexicali Mayor Norma Bustamante, who showed the actor the remodeling of the area, and he said that this is an important project, that may impact at national and international level, since it becomes appealing to motion picture producers, that means investment, jobs and cash flow for Mexicali.

Marina Del Pilar thanked José María Yazpik, she said that he has been an advocate of culture and art, all through his career, and he has been a culture multiplier, developing projects to benefit people, and remarked Mr. Yazpik´s commitment to this kind of projects.

Ms. Avila Olmeda also thanked the Historical Downtown business people, who were a fundamental for the project to become real, and she remarked that this goes to show that, 18 days after taking charge of the State, she is already giving results; a change has arrived to the State Administration.

Mr. Yazpik emphasized the relevance of State and Federal government commitment to facilitating the job of audiovisual productions, stressing that the financial and social impact of such investment is very important, since it means cash flowing in several social layers.

Mexicali Mayor Norma Bustamante said that she would continue what Governor Avila started in LA Chinesca, building the China Heritage museum (WOK) just a few steps away from the alley that will hopefully recover its old shine; she also said that Mr. Yazpik has become one of the most successful Mexican actors.

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