29 enero, 2023

Bon Iver, Steve Aoki, Saweetie, Snoop Dogg, and J. Balvin Have the Most Brand Deals in 2022


SponsorUnited, the leading global sports and entertainment intelligence platform has released its first-ever Music Artist Marketing Partnerships Report 2022. The report delivers an in-depth analysis of over 2,100 brands and 1,100 deals from July 2021-July 2022, unlocks 10 major music genres and tells the stories of nearly 600 artists.

Key findings from the report include:

The Most Sponsored Artists – According to SponsorUnited’s data, the top-5 most sponsored artists, in order, were: Bon Iver, Steve Aoki, Saweetie, Snoop Dogg, and J. Balvin. These five had the most brand deals and beat out nearly 500 other artists in total.

Apparel & Fashion Dominate – On average, music stars teamed up with more than two brands in the last 12 months, which was higher than athletes. In terms of volume of sponsorships, the music industry partnered with fashion brands the most, followed by technology, social causes, CPG, and alcohol brands.

Pop Wins the Most Deals – The Pop music category saw the most brand sponsorships, with 453 brands participating. The brands that sponsored the pop genre the most were Coca-Cola, Nintendo, Samsung, Grubhub, and Taco Bell. Rap and Hip-Hop was in second (275 brands), with Pepsi, McDonalds, Nintendo, Hugo Boss, and Beats by Dre leading on the number of partnerships. Country was in third-place, with the top-5 brand sponsors being St. Jude’s, T-Mobile, Walmart, Dodge Ram, and Anheuser-Busch.

T-Mobile Hits Every Note – T-Mobile was the only brand on the SponsorUnited platform with sponsorships across six different music genres, though the wireless giant was most active in Country, with deals with Dolly Parton, Chris Young, Old Dominion, and more.

TikTok is a Key Deal Channel – Music artists on TikTok have gained nearly one billion followers this year (though Instagram remains #1 with 1.5B). Of the top-5 most followed musicians on TikTok, only Billie Eilish is without a branded post. Selena Gomez, Karol G, Lil Nas X, and Ariana Grande have all posted sponsored content, showcasing how much of an opportunity the fast-growing platform has become for brands and artists.

Beyonce Wins on Social – In terms of branded and sponsored social content, of the top-25 artists with the most post engagement, 20 were female, with Beyonce seeing the most engagement overall, with a whopping 2.8M engagements per branded post.

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