10 diciembre, 2023

Genebit case reminds us that feminicide is a cancer growth in Baja California´s society, Mexicali and San Felipe are no exception


Last Sunday the alleged murder of a woman, was arraigned for Feminicide, it´s a shocking story but it´s not the only killing of its kind, the problem is serious all over Mexico.

Genebit was a young college student, she still had life to lead, but she was found dead, strangled to death and left inside the trunk of her former boyfriend´s car, in his house garage, he was arrested and arraigned, accused of Feminicide, he will remain in jail and the next Court hearing will take place in about six months, a case that has shocked Mexicali and the whole state of Baja California.

Cuauhtémoc Castilla, the girl´s family lawyer, said that there are still CIS investigations to carry out, and he mentioned that the young man has a bite mark on the chest which might be proven a defensive injury, all depending on the young woman dental records, as well as more evidence which will be collected in order to ask for the maximum sentence Mexican criminal law allows: 60 years.

Lawyer and State Congressman Juan Manuel Molina, said that Genebit is not the only one, there are two notorious and nefarious cases in san Felipe, one where a man killed his ex-wife, in order to take their young child away from her, and another one which was perpetrated by a former Military officer, who was freed by a judge, but when a reversal of the liberation was obtained the man had already fled.

There was another very sad case, that Mr. Castilla also mentioned, it was a man from Tijuana who asked his ex-wife to go with him to their child´s school, but he abducted her and drove his car at high speed and ran into a wall, then he got off the vehicle and set the car and the woman on fire, he was caught, tried for feminicide and sentenced to 50-60 years.

Feminicide (according to Mexican criminal law) is the killing of a woman by a man, for gender reasons, and with any sort of relation with the victim (family, sentimental, friend, labor, scholar, etc.) and until two legislatures ago it was only a simulation according to Mr. Molina who told the reporter that, as President of the Justice Legislative Commission, he determined FEMINICIDE as a felony, something that had been politically dragged by Congress before that.

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