23 septiembre, 2023

Mexicali Feminicide found guilty and sentenced to 42 years imprisonment


Sergio Enrique Sánchez Dueñas, was found guilty of feminicidio (in Spanish) in a Mexicali court, which means murdering a woman in circumstances which fulfill a profile stated in Mexican Criminal Law, and he will spend 42 years in jail, he was also fined 407 thousand 836 Mexican pesos (around 23 thousand dollars) for damage repair and a fine of 425 UMAS (Updating Measure Units) which is 34 thousand 255 pesos (one thousand 300 dollars approximately).

The State Attorney proved in Court, that Sergio killed his girlfriend, Valeria Ahumada Jáuregui a 23 years old female, on March 15 of 2018, when he cut her throat with a piece of glass, so the Judge found him guilty of feminicidio which is typified as felony, and it is supposed to be punished more than a simple murder, so the killing of a woman doesn´t really imply feminicidio, there´s a criteria of sorts that has to be accomplished according to the Law.

The investigation by the State Attorney determined that Sergio and Valeria were in front of her house in Sierra La Encantada and Sierra San Lorenzo in Colonia Abasolo, on the road to Mexicali airport, in an Infinity G20, four-door sedan, with California license plates, and according to witnesses, they started to argue.

An arrest warrant was issued and it took a little more than three years, but the investigation by Mexicali Regional Attorney, Pedro Ariel Mendivil, working together with Sonora authorities, achieved to take Sergio to Court and put an end to this sad case, there have been other feminicidios, which have scarred Mexicali social tissue, that is why it had to be typified as worse than simple homicide.

Suddenly, he started punching her in the head and face until she was unconscious, then he dragged her to a construction site where he grabbed a piece of broken glass and cut her, when he realized she was dead, he fled taking the murder weapon with him, and traveled to Sonoyta, Sonora, hoping to evade the Law.

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