23 septiembre, 2023

Federal Environment Agency cancels concert venue construction in Guadalupe Valley, 70 acres were destroyed


An entertainment promotion company destroyed about 70 acres in Cuesta del Tigre, in the Guadalupe Valley area, they intended to build what is known as APM Forum, which would host a 20 thousand people concert tonight, but inspectors form the Federal environmental Protection Attorney (PROFEPA) cancelled the works, according to a press release by Mexico’s Federal Government.

The company, which is only identified as Foro APM in several news outlets in the web, removed about 70 acres of bush and chaparral in order to build up a concert venue, which would host 20 thousand people, for Mexican singer Cristian Nodal, the concert has been cancelled and promotors are seeking for alternate venues in Ensenada.

PROFEPA informed that inspectors showed up to the cobnstruction site, Friday night, and the legal representatives of whatever company or corporation Foro APM is, weren´t able to show any license or permits allowing them to change the “use of soil”, the construction site was cancelled, and so was Nodal’s concert.

Local organizations, from the vineyard and wine production operations, all of whom have been working in the Guadalupe Valley for decades, who are responsible for 85-90% of Mexican wine production, as well as tourism service providers all of them comprising the so called Wine Route, protested and were to march Saturday morning, demonstrating against this project which would cause several sorts of problems to the area.

Cristian Nodal, the singer who was supposed to perform in Foro APM, has been accused of ecocide, for all this matter, but he is on an international tour with around 20 dates within the following 2-3 weeks and he doesn´t really have to be aware of the circumstances around every venue where he performs, so putting the blame on him is just noise made by some media outlets in the web to get some more likes.

The real mater here is that a someone in an entertainment promotion company, thought it would be easy to stripe the ground on a 75 acre surface just for a concert, harming the environment thus committing an ecological crime, but there should also be someone in the State Government who gave them the “go ahead” for this, so it is real silly to blame an artist, when there was clearly a corrupt interaction between the pomoters and “somebody” inside the Government.

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