20 marzo, 2023

Human remains in a clandestine grave found near San Felipe, between Puertecitos and San Luis Gonzaga


Disappearance of people is a very serious issue in Baja California, and Mexico as a whole, there are certain NGOs whose mission is to help the families and relatives find their loved ones, who have disappeared, or have been lost for years, in order to determine if they are dead or alive, to reunite with them or to bury them, and at least have certainty regarding their fate, recently a clandestine grave was found near San Felipe, by one of those search collectives.

A human skeleton was located in an excavation by personnel from the State Attorney General’s Office, during a search operation by NGO and collective organizations, along the Puertecitos – San Luis Gonzaga km. 113 in the municipality of San Felipe, following up on reports of the location of missing and missing persons.

Upon arriving at the place of the search operation for missing persons, the FGE personnel found a grave measuring of 1.80 meters (6 feet) wide and 2.50 meters long (8 feet), with bone remains seemingly human.

An anonymous call to the 9-1-1 emergency number reported the discovery of the aforementioned clandestine grave, located on the road between Puertecitos and San Luis Gonzaga, so agents of the Specialized Unit for the Investigation and Prosecution of Crimes of Forced Disappearance of Persons and Disappearance Committed by Individuals of the State Attorney Office (FGE), arrived to the place.

The operation had the support of the K9 search and recovery of corpses, as well as personnel from Expert Services, the National Guard, and people form a civil organization called the United Search Group for Our Disappeared, who were exploring the area intending to carry out various excavations.

The skeleton was taken to the Forensic Medical Service facilities, where a biological and genetic testing and profiling of the bones will be in order to obtain the necessary DNA material, in order to compare and determine the person´s identity. The FGE endorsed its commitment to spare no effort in any investigation with the firm conviction of achieving justice in favor of all Baja Californians, in addition to advancing on this worrying issue of disappeared persons.

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