22 marzo, 2023

Baja Lesson 03: Erick, another chronicle from the heart of the Crazed Lady

Baja Lesson…10 Days, 10 People, 10 Lessons…Lesson 3: Erik


Baja Lessons…10 Days, 10 People, 10 Lessons…Lesson 3:  Erik Versión en inglés y español incluida

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As a parent, I have become very focused on that role. I’m a mother. That’s what I am. It’s who I am. It’s what I do. But in being a mother, I think I forgot that I’m something else also.


I already knew Erik’s Dad, Marco, but it was the first time I had really met Erik. He and his Dad were getting ready to drive in the Baja 250 and we finishing up the last minute preparations. As I talked to Erik, the conversations centered around his Dad.


He told me how his Dad gets nervous before the race. How his Dad will go off by himself before the race. How his Dad needs those moments to compose himself before it’s time to start. He told me how the minute the race starts his Dad will be calm. That it would become all about the race. All about the time together. All about being with his Dad. I could feel the admiration and gratitude and love he felt for his father. It was powerful.


Something about those feelings hit me. Kind of hard. I had forgotten something. I’m not just a mom. I’m a daughter too. I work hard to create memories with my own kids, but I need to work just as hard to create memories with my own parents. I need to make sure I value and put the time into them also. The trip we took this summer was a good start, but it’s not the trip of a lifetime as we were saying. It was a great trip. It was an unforgettable trip. But it wasn’t THE trip. It was just the beginning. We have so many more memories to make.

So from Erik I was reminded how lucky I am to be a daughter. To have parents who care for me and love me and support me. To cherish our time and to continue making memories. To proud to be a mother but equally as proud to be a daughter.


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