3 octubre, 2023

“Atypical summer in Mexicali, two days above 123 Fahrenheit this week”: Civil Protection director Rene Rosado


This week heatwave in Mexicali became hell for the city and its people, hitting 123F two days this week, breaking records that go back to 1992 Summer 127F temperature readings, but by Monday temperature is expected at 104F.

Mexicali temperatures reached 123 degrees Fahrenheit, Tuesday & Wednesday august 3 and 4, by Thursday it was 118 degrees with 64% humidity, this Summer has been one of the hottest for the last thirty or forty years, said Captain Rene Rosado, Mexicali Civil Protection director.

“These are atypical weather conditions, even for a desert city as Mexicali, this summer there had been records broken, five days this week temperature readings were the highest for decades, and Thursday humidity factor made it very dangerous to be outdoors”, said Rosado.

By Sunday, temperatures are expected to be lower, and next week is expected to be around 104F, but this week has been critical for the homeless and immigrants dwelling in Mexicali streets, so the PEREGRINO shelter has been receiving many people, where they can rest in air-conditioned halls, eat, do their laundry and take a bath.

PEREGRINO shelter is operated by the Municipality through the Integral Family Development system of Mexicali, said Rosado and recommended for all Mexicali residents not to go out if it´s not really necessary, and if they have to work he advised to take breaks in a cool place and drink a lot of water.

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