29 mayo, 2023

State Guard rescues kidnapped man in Rosarito, two suspects arrested if found guilty they could get 90 years sentence


A man who had been kidnapped in Playas de Rosarito, whose captors were asking for a 20 million pesos (about one million dollars) ransom, was rescued by State Guard agents and two alleged snatchers were arrested, if they are found guilty, they would face up to 90 years in prison, according to the State Attorney Central Hiram Sanchez Zamora, who reported on the events in a press conference.kidnapped

After checking video recordings showing the license plates of a car which had been used to commit the crime, taken by cameras near the spot where the man had been seized, investigations led to a house in Marbella, Primo Tapia district in Playas de Rosarito, so a police raid was carried out as of March 9, on Acapulco Street, after State Guard agents spotted a man, “packing heat”, he and other man, acted nervously and tried to run away.

The agents proceeded to detain the two thugs and heard a men shouting for help, so they broke into the premises and found a man the victim who was tied down inside a rest room, so they untied the kidnapped man, and took him under their protection, and arrested Andrés “X”, 43 years old and José de Jesús “X” 39 years old, both form Southern State of Michoacan, if they are found guilty, they could be facing from 50 to 90 years in prison.


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